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Protocols for IP Multicast (Active WG)
Rtg Area: Alvaro Retana, Deborah Brungard, Martin Vigoureux | 1998-Jul-28 —  

IETF-104 pim agenda

Session 2019-03-28 1350-1550: Karlin 3 - Audio stream - pim chatroom


          pimwg prague. 13:50-15:50 Thursday Afternoon session I . Karlin 3
          Chairs          WG Review                                       10min
          Xufeng          draft-ietf-pim-igmp-mld-snooping-yang-07        5min
          Xufeng          draft-zhao-pim-igmp-mld-proxy-yang-01           5min
          Stig            draft-ietf-pim-null-register-packing-01         10min
          Stig            draft-ietf-pim-reserved-bits-00                 10min
          Stig            draft-venaas-pim-port-pfm-00                    15min
          Mankamana       draft-mankamana-pim-bdr-01                      10min
          Mike            draft-liu-pim-assert-packing-00                 10min
          Hooman          TreeSID                                         15min
          Toerless        IGMP/MLD Questionnaire                          15min

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