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IETF-106 intarea minutes

Session 2019-11-21 1550-1720: Padang - Audio stream - intarea chatroom


minutes-106-intarea-00 minutes

          IntArea WG Agenda
          IETF 106 - Singapore
          Thursday November 21st, Afternoon Session II, Padang
          Juan Carlos Zuniga (SIGFOX)
          Wassim Haddad (Ericsson) [Excused to attend NomCom]
          Note taker: Stuart Cheshire
          1. Agenda Bashing, WG & Document Status Updates (Chairs)
             10 minutes
          2. Discovering Provisioning Domain Names and Data, Tommy Pauly
             10 minutes
          Suresh Krishnan, Kaloom: IESG review should be ready by next Friday
          (29th November)
          3. SOCKS Protocol Version 6, Vladimir Olteanu
             10 minutes
          Ben Schwartz, Google / Jigsaw: Could a SOCKS5 proxy already do Happy
          Vladimir Olteanu: Yes, it can.
          Ben Schwartz, Google / Jigsaw: So this is really a way to disable Happy
          Eyeballs. Is there ever any reason (apart from TFO) to disable Happy
          Vladimir Olteanu: No.
          Ben Schwartz, Google / Jigsaw: So maybe the document should just say
          that the SOCKS proxy should use Happy Eyeballs then, except for TFO
          Tommy Pauly, Apple: I agree, the document should make Happy Eyeballs
          automatic for all connections except TFO.
          Tommy Pauly, Apple: Should TFO connections always hard-fail on the first
          failure, instead of trying a second candidate address?
          Jonathan Lennox, 8x8 / Jitsi: There's a lot of state stored for TFO,
          which could be a privacy concern.
          Vladimir Olteanu: TFO cookies are per-client
          Gorry Fairhurst, University of Aberdeen: It would good to have a
          presentation on this at TSVWG
          4. SRv6 Network Programming, Pablo Camarillo
             10 minutes
          Suresh Krishnan, Kaloom: It’s good for IntArea to be aware of this
          codepoint allocation
          Erik Kline, Loon LLC: Why not use the existing value already defined in
          RFC 3378 (EtherIP: Tunneling Ethernet Frames in IP Datagrams)?
          Pablo Camarillo: Because that prepends a two-byte “EtherIP Header”
          in front of every encapsulated ethernet frame and we don’t want to
          waste two bytes
          5. Probing IP Interfaces By Vendor Specific Identifiers, Manoj Nayak
          (NOT PRESENTED)
             15 minutes

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