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IETF-108 intarea minutes

Session 2020-07-27 1300-1350: Room 3 - Audio stream - intarea chatroom


minutes-108-intarea-00 minutes

          IETF 108 - Virtual
          13:00-13:50 (UTC)       July 27, Monday Session II
          Juan Carlos Zuniga (SIGFOX)
          Wassim Haddad (Ericsson)
          Notes: Pascal, Wassim, Juan-Carlos
          # Intro
          1. Agenda Bashing, WG & Document Status Updates (Chairs)
             5 minutes
          11:05 Quick update by Eric on provisioning domains. In queue, TBD by
          # SOCKS 6
          2. SOCKS Protocol Version 6, Vladimir Olteanu
             5 minutes
          11:09 Vladimir Olteanu showing screen on socks. Compares to TURN, should
          be more usable. Added msg length ro relay. Useless over UDP but crucial
          over TCP (TLS now a fall back mechanism for UDP relay). To handle
          ICMP errors need to operate as root on Linux, so it is difficult =>
          optional. Slide on translating ICMP error.
          11:15 Vlad added capability to the stack options, e.g., TTL, DF bits ...
          11:17 Chairs: Adoption call using the hum tool.
          Forte in favor.
          Pianissimo against.
          Will confirm adoption on the list
          # AX.25
          3. Internet Protocol Encapsulation of AX.25 Frames, Iain Learmonth
             10 minutes
          11:20 Iain Learmonth (breaking up, hard to understand). Introduction
          to amateur radio (ham radio). Shows a radio and a modem for packet
          transmission. AX.25 is amateur X.25.
          Juan Carlos: draft published a couple of months ago. Good concise
          presentation, but no time for questions. Requesting further discussion
          on the list
          # SCHC RFC 8724
          4. An Introduction to the SCHC LPWAN Protocol (RFC 8724), Laurent
          Toutain/Dominique Barthel
             15 minutes
             [RFC 8724]
          11:32 Dominique Barthel on SCHC protocol RFC 8724 for LPWAN (LoRaWAN,
          Sigfox, NB-IoT); intro slides.
          11:38 Laurent Toutain details the functioning of SCHC compression and
          fragmentation functions, see slides
          # SCHC over PPP
          5. SCHC over PPP, Pascal Thubert
             15 minutes
          11:45 SCHC over PPP for high speed. Pascal Thubert presents how SCHC over
          foo can be applied by defining SCHC over PPP. PPP gives us legacy serial
          links and with PPPoE we get Ethernet, VxLAN, Pseudowires, and WiFi. The
          set up flow and the packet format for SCHC over PPPoE are presented.
          11:49 Eric Vyncke explains why the document moved frmo LPWAN where it
          was not chartered to intarea
          Juan Carlos: requesting dicussion on the list due to time limitations
          on this meeting.

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