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IETF-108 Agenda

SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY Agenda of the 108th IETF Meeting To see the list of unofficial side meetings, please see the meeting wiki. For more information on the ANRW, see their program. July 25-31, 2020
                    Updated 2020-07-10 09:24:31 PDT
                                 Room Maps

   IETF agendas are subject to change, up to and during the meeting.

MONDAY, July 20, 2020

1400-1500  Hackathon Kickoff - Hackathon         

WEDNESDAY, July 22, 2020

1800-1900  IEPG Meeting - Room 1            

THURSDAY, July 23, 2020

1500-1600  Newcomers' Quick Connections (Open to Newcomers. Note that pre-registration is required) - Quick Connections 
1800-1930  Technology Deep Dive: DNS - Room 1            

FRIDAY, July 24, 2020

1400-1500  Hackathon Closing - Hackathon         
1500-1600  TSV AD Office Hours -

SATURDAY, July 25, 2020

1600-1800  Code Sprint - Code Sprint       

MONDAY, July 27, 2020

1100-1240  Session I
Room 1             ART   dispatch    audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Dispatch WG - Joint with ARTAREA     
Room 2             IRTF  pearg       audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Privacy Enhancements and Assessments
Research Group Room 3 RTG spring   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Source Packet Routing in Networking Room 4 SEC sacm   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Security Automation and Continuous M-
onitoring Room 5 SEC teep   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Trusted Execution Environment Provis-
ioning Room 6 TSV dtn   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking Room 8 TSV tcpm   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger TCP Maintenance and Minor Extensions 1300-1350 Session II Room 1 ART asap   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Automatic SIP trunking And Peering Room 2 ART cbor   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Concise Binary Object Representation
Maintenance and Extensions Room 3 INT intarea   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Internet Area Working Group Room 4 IRTF nwcrg   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Coding for efficient NetWork Communi-
cations Research Group Room 5 OPS sidrops   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger SIDR Operations Room 6 RTG babel   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Babel routing protocol Room 7 RTG detnet   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Deterministic Networking Room 8 TSV tcpm   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger TCP Maintenance and Minor Extensions 1410-1550 Session III Room 1 ART webtrans   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger WebTransport Room 2 IAB rfcefdp   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger RFC Editor Future Development Room 3 IRTF qirg   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Quantum Internet Research Group Room 4 OPS bmwg   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Benchmarking Methodology Room 5 OPS grow   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Global Routing Operations Room 6 RTG teas   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Traffic Engineering Architecture and
Signaling Room 7 SEC gnap   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Grant Negotiation and Authorization
Protocol Room 8 TSV alto   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Application-Layer Traffic Optimizati-
TUESDAY, July 28, 2020

1100-1240  Session I
Room 1             ART   asdf        audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger BOF: A Semantic Definition Format for Dat-
a and Interactions of Things BOF Room 2 INT 6man   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger IPv6 Maintenance Room 3 IRTF irtfopen   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger IRTF Open Meeting Room 4 OPS netconf   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Network Configuration Room 5 RTG bess   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger BGP Enabled ServiceS Room 6 SEC ipsecme   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger IP Security Maintenance and Extensio-
ns Room 7 SEC lamps   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Limited Additional Mechanisms for PK-
IX and SMIME Room 8 TSV masque   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Multiplexed Application Substrate ov-
er QUIC Encryption 1300-1350 Session II Room 1 ART dmarc   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Domain-based Message Authentication,
Reporting & Conformance Room 2 IAB iabopen   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger IAB Open Meeting Room 3 IRTF gaia   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Global Access to the Internet for All Room 4 OPS mops   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Media OPerationS Room 5 RTG ccamp   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Common Control and Measurement Plane Room 6 RTG nvo3   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Network Virtualization Overlays Room 7 SEC mls   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Messaging Layer Security Room 8 SEC rats   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Remote ATtestation ProcedureS 1410-1550 Session III Room 1 ART core   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Constrained RESTful Environments Room 2 IRTF hrpc   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Human Rights Protocol Considerations Room 3 OPS opsawg   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Ops & Mgmt Area Working Group WG
- Combined OpsAWG / OpsAREA Room 4 RTG pce   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Path Computation Element Room 5 RTG pim   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Protocols for IP Multicast Room 6 SEC tls   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Transport Layer Security Room 7 TSV tsvwg   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Transport Area Working Group 1600-1700 RTG Area Office Hours -
WEDNESDAY, July 29, 2020

1100-1240  Session I
Room 1             ART   emailcore   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger BOF: Revision of core Email specification-
s BOF Room 2 IRTF nmrg   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Network Management Room 3 OPS dnsop   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Domain Name System Operations Room 4 RTG bier   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Bit Indexed Explicit Replication Room 5 SEC ace   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Authentication and Authorization for
Constrained Environments Room 6 SEC rats   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Remote ATtestation ProcedureS Room 7 TSV quic   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger QUIC 1300-1350 Session II Room 1 INT 6lo   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger IPv6 over Networks of Resource-const-
rained Nodes Room 2 OPS dnsop   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Domain Name System Operations Room 3 RTG lisp   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Locator/ID Separation Protocol Room 4 RTG rift   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Routing In Fat Trees Room 5 SEC cose   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger CBOR Object Signing and Encryption Room 6 TSV tsvarea   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Transport Area Open Meeting 1410-1550 IETF Plenary - Plenary   docs audio video pencil jabber jabber  The agenda has not been uploaded yet.
THURSDAY, July 30, 2020

1100-1240  ANRW: DNS and BGP - Room 1            

1100-1240  Session I
Room 2             ART   extra       audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Email mailstore and eXtensions To Re-
vise or Amend WG - Joint with JMAP Room 2 ART jmap   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger JSON Mail Access Protocol WG
- Joint with EXTRA Room 3 OPS anima   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Autonomic Networking Integrated Mode-
l and Approach Room 4 RTG raw   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Reliable and Available Wireless Room 5 SEC secdispatc  audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Security Dispatch Room 6 TSV tsvwg   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Transport Area Working Group 1300-1350 ANRW: Protocol testing - Room 1 1300-1350 Session II Room 2 ART avtcore   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Audio/Video Transport Core Maintenan-
ce Room 3 GEN gendispatc  audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger General Area Dispatch Room 4 INT lpwan   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger IPv6 over Low Power Wide-Area Networ-
ks Room 5 RTG bfd   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Bidirectional Forwarding Detection Room 6 RTG lsvr   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Link State Vector Routing Room 7 SEC saag   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Security Area Open Meeting 1410-1550 ANRW: Transport protocols - Room 1 1410-1550 Session III Room 2 INT add   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Adaptive DNS Discovery Room 3 INT drip   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Drone Remote ID Protocol Room 4 OPS netmod   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Network Modeling Room 5 RTG lsr   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Link State Routing Room 6 SEC acme   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Automated Certificate Management Env-
FRIDAY, July 31, 2020

1100-1240  Session I
Room 1             ART   regext      audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Registration Protocols Extensions    
Room 2             GEN   shmoo       audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Stay Home Meet Only Online           
Room 3             INT   ntp         audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Network Time Protocol                
Room 4             RTG   rtgwg       audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Routing Area Working Group           
Room 5             SEC   lake        audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Lightweight Authenticated Key Exchan-
ge Room 6 SEC suit   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Software Updates for Internet of Thi-
ngs Room 7 TSV loops   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger BOF: Local Optimizations on Path Segments
BOF 1300-1350 ANRW: Monitoring and Logging - Room 1 1300-1350 Session II Room 2 ART calext   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Calendaring Extensions Room 3 ART wpack   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Web Packaging Room 4 INT 6man   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger IPv6 Maintenance Room 5 RTG mpls   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Multiprotocol Label Switching Room 6 SEC emu   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger EAP Method Update 1410-1550 Session III Room 1 ART core   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Constrained RESTful Environments Room 2 ART stir   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Secure Telephone Identity Revisited Room 3 INT dprive   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger DNS PRIVate Exchange Room 4 IRTF coinrg   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Computing in the Network Research Gr-
oup Room 5 OPS mboned   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger MBONE Deployment Room 6 RTG idr   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Inter-Domain Routing Room 7 SEC privacypas  audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Privacy Pass Room 8 TSV ippm   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger IP Performance Measurement ====================================================================
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