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Agenda of the 106th IETF Meeting To see the list of unofficial side meetings, or to reserve meeting space, please see the meeting wiki. November 16-22, 2019 Updated 2019-11-16 18:58:36 PST IETF agendas are subject to change, up to and during the meeting. All sessions .ics file
SATURDAY, November 16, 2019

0830-2200  IETF Hackathon - Moor/Morrison
0930-1800  Code Sprint - Ord

SUNDAY, November 17, 2019

0830-1600  IETF Hackathon - Moor/Morrison
1000-1200  IEPG Meeting - Olivia
1000-1800  IETF Registration - Convention Foyer
1230-1330  Tutorial: Newcomers' Overview - Olivia
1345-1445  Tutorial: Service Discovery for IP Applications - Sophia
1500-1600  SEC AD Office Hours - Clark
1600-1700  Newcomers' Quick Connections (Open to Newcomers. Note that pre-registration is required) - Fairmont Ballroom Foyer
1700-1900  Welcome Reception - Fairmont Ballroom Foyer

1800-2000  Hot RFC Lightning Talks
Padang          	IETF  hotrfc      	Hot RFC Lightning Talks

MONDAY, November 18, 2019

0800-0900  Beverage Break - Stamford & Fairmont Ballroom Foyers
0800-0900  Systers Networking Event - Skai Suite 1 (Swissotel)
0830-0945  Side Meetings / Open Time -
0830-1830  IETF Registration - Convention Foyer
0900-1000  NomCom Office Hours - Fullerton

1000-1200  Morning Session I
Sophia          	ART   dispatch    	Dispatch WG - Joint with ARTAREA
VIP A           	INT   dhc         	Dynamic Host Configuration WG
Canning         	IRTF  iccrg       	Internet Congestion Control
Olivia          	IRTF  icnrg       	Information-Centric Networking
Padang          	RTG   spring      	Source Packet Routing in Networking WG
Collyer         	SEC   mathmesh    	MatheMatical Mesh BOF
Hullet          	TSV   ippm        	IP Performance Measurement WG

1200-1330  Break

1330-1530  Afternoon Session I
Orchard         	ART   calext      	Calendaring Extensions WG - 1330 - 1430
Orchard         	ART   extra       	Email mailstore and eXtensions To Revise or Amend WG - 1430 - 1530
Hullet          	ART   stir        	Secure Telephone Identity Revisited WG
VIP A           	INT   dnssd       	Extensions for Scalable DNS Service Discovery WG - Joint with HOMENET
VIP A           	INT   homenet     	Home Networking WG - Joint with DNSSD
Olivia          	IRTF  dinrg       	Decentralized Internet Infrastructure   *** CANCELLED ***
Canning         	IRTF  pearg       	Privacy Enhancements and Assessments Research Group
Collyer         	RTG   lsr         	Link State Routing WG
Padang          	SEC   txauth      	Transactional Authorization and Delegation BOF
Sophia          	TSV   tsvwg       	Transport Area Working Group WG

1530-1550  Beverage and Snack Break - Stamford & Fairmont Ballroom Foyers

1550-1750  Afternoon Session II
Canning         	ART   httpbis     	HTTP WG
VIP A           	INT   dmm         	Distributed Mobility Management WG
Padang          	IRTF  irtfopen    	IRTF Open Meeting
Olivia          	OPS   netconf     	Network Configuration WG
Collyer         	OPS   v6ops       	IPv6 Operations WG
Sophia          	RTG   mpls        	Multiprotocol Label Switching WG
Orchard         	RTG   roll        	Routing Over Low power and Lossy networks WG
Hullet          	SEC   emu         	EAP Method Update WG

1650-1750  TSV AD Office Hours - Clark
1750-1810  Beverage Break - Stamford & Fairmont Ballroom Foyers
1810-1940  Hackdemo Happy Hour - Moor/Morrison

1810-1910  Afternoon Session III
Canning         	GEN   gendispatch  	General Area Dispatch WG
VIP A           	INT   dnssd       	Extensions for Scalable DNS Service Discovery WG
Olivia          	INT   lwig        	Light-Weight Implementation Guidance WG
Padang          	IRTF  maprg       	Measurement and Analysis for Protocols
Collyer         	RTG   idr         	Inter-Domain Routing WG
Hullet          	RTG   nvo3        	Network Virtualization Overlays WG
Sophia          	SEC   lamps       	Limited Additional Mechanisms for PKIX and SMIME WG

1930-2100  Newcomers' Dinner (Open to Newcomers. Note that pre-registrati

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